How to Apply for NADRA Juvenile Card (ID Card for Children) ?

NADRA Juvenile Card is an identity card issued to children under 18. This card is not replacement of Child Registration Certificate but it it definitely helps parents & children in childrem’s admission in schools, vaccination or wherever chil’s identity is required. Here is a step by step guide to help you understand how to apply for a NADRA Juvenile Card.

How to apply for a NADRA Juvenile Card ?

You can apply for a NADRA Juvenile Card by visiting any nearest NADRA Registration Center. A blood relative, preferably one of parents, must come along-with the child for the verification of biomatrics.

  • You will be issued a token.
  • Your photograph will be captured to be used for your NADRA Juvenile Card.
  • Your fingerprints & signatures will be taken to be used on your NADRA Juvenile Card.
  • Printed Form will be handed over to you with all of your information printed on it. This information will be used in your NADRA Juvenile Card. Please review it carefully & if there is something missing or wrong, contact the desk to get it corrected.
  • If all the information is correct, get this form attested by any of your blood relative or any gazzatted office & submit this form at the desk in National Registration Centre.

Documents Required for NADRA Juvenile Card

  • Original NIC or CNIC of Parents (preferably father)
  • Child Registration Certificate (CRS) or Passport or Matric Certificate or Domicile of the concerned Child
  • A blood relative must be present for verification

In how many days I’ll get my NADRA Juvenile Card ?

Time period for delivery of NADRA Juvenile’s Card can be different depending on which one you have opted for. Fee for these means vary from each other.


  • Normal delivery– 30 days
  • Urgent delivery  – 15 days
  • Fast Track delivery – 7 Days

How to get Cleared from NADRA DUP Category ?

A citizen who has obtained two or more identity cards/certificates with different Identity Numbers is marked “DUP” in NADRA database. This may lead to cancellation of your Identity Cards if you don’t get yourself cleared from NADRA Duplicate Category. If you are above 18 and have obtained a SNIC, you are obliged to surrender your NADRA JV CNIC. You must visit your nearest NRC to surrender your NADRA JV Card.





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