Arat Hosseini – a real life Spider Boy has become an internet sensation ….

A real life Spider Boy has become an internet sensation by performing somersaults and backflips using his home in Iran as a playground – aged only three-years-old.

Arat Hosseini is so strong her can scale a 10ft wall using only his hands, do one-hand push-ups, backflips and the splits while balancing on his hands.

His parents Mohamad and Fatemeh, who live in Babol in Iran’s Mazandaran Province, say their son has had no professional training and practices for just 10 to 20 minutes daily.

Mohamad said: ‘One day when I returned home from work and put my finger in Arat’s hand, he got up slowly and, gripping my finger very tightly, pulled his legs off the ground.

‘At that time I noticed the strength and power Arat had and was very surprised. Arat’s favourite trick is performing a backwards somersault.

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