Justice for Zainab ! Let’s Cry at the Death of our Collective Conscience

She was just 7 years old. She was out, playing with other kids of her age. She didn’t know she was going to be beaten, raped, killed & dumped in next few hours. She is your’s Zainab. She is my Zainab. She can be anyone’s Zainab. We’ve failed another Zainab, another time, & yet again we don’t know what to do. Zainab wants justice.

CM Shahbaz SHarif has taken, (yet another) notice. Media is again playing flash screens , with the dead & dumped body of Zainab. News anchors are again crying atop their voices. Political leaders are issuing condolence & condemnation press releases . Twitterati are trending #JusticeForZainab. People are out, on streets, demanding the Govt to apprehend the killers of Zainab. Govt. Machinery is clueless, yet again.

This is a circus that keeps on repeating, every month, every year. We are the puppets , who keep on dancing – at the dead-bodies of the children , raped, killed & dumped. As the days pass, we forget  & get back to our jobs – waiting for another rape to happen , so CM can take notice again, media can play frenzy flash screens, news anchors can cry atop their voices, Twitterati can start a trend … for ANOTHER zainab.

From Kasur rape scandal to Zainab rape & murder Case, we’ve cried, again & again. We’ve buried our children in graveyards. This time, let’s sit together to cry, once for all, at the death of our collective conscience. Let’s bury this dead conscience, in the graveyard of our dead children.


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