Top 10 Free Games without WiFi | Best offline Games for Android Mobiles

While internet plans are getting cheaper all over the world, still there are many situations where we are without WiFi or without data plans. SO we’ve decided to compile a list of 20 Free Games without WiFi. These offline games for Android mobiles don’t need internet plans or WiFi & can be played without the need of any data plans. 

Why do we even need free games without WiFi ?

Playing games on mobiles is the best time killer hobby. You’re traveling in a subway or sitting in your bedroom idle or taking a break for an hour in your office, mobile games keep you engaged & you don’t feel bored. Gaming is all fun until you are out of data. Your mobile becomes useless the moment your data bundle ends or WiFi disconnects because all of the games that you’ve been playing need WiFi connection to get started. So your whole life becomes a joke, at least momentarily. This is where the concept of free games without WiFi comes in.  If you’ve offline Games for Android Mobiles or even IOS, you can keep yourself busy , no matter if you’re stuck in a bunker where there is no WiFi.

Offline Games for Android Mobiles

We’ve compiled a list of top grossing offline Games for Android Mobiles that you would definitely loved.  These games are the most loved games in their categories mainly because they are awesome, are full of fun & can be played offline. You need to have a look a them because you don’t need when we are into a zombie apocalypse & you need  some offline Games for Android Mobiles  to keep yourself alive while hiding in the basement of an abandoned church.

So Let’s move towards Games that can be played without internet

Free games without WiFi

1: Six guns: Gang showdown

I’ve placed this games on top in the list of Top 20 Free Games without WiFi. This games is full of action & is packed with thriller that will keep your glued to your chair while you’re playing. Created by well-known Game Developing company Game-loft, Six Guns : Gang Showdown is a third person offline shooting game.  Playing this game, you will find yourself in  wild west that is infested with cowboys, bandits & unnatural enemies like vampires & witches.

Download Six Guns from playstore

Best free offline games for Android mobiles

2: Plants vs Zombies 2

Next game that I’ve in my collection of Free Games without WiFi is Plants vs Zombies 2.  While there are many zombie hunting games on Play-store, this games comes with a difference. It’s not your typical zombie hunting game & has a lot of surprises for you. If you’re looking for some best offline games for Android mobiles, this game is a must. This is offline arcade game that revolves around a vicious zombie attack but this time instead of humans, plants comes forward to save the world from deadly zombies. They launch watermelons & corn missiles that can beat the sh&t out of zombies. This game is full of action yet hilarious at the very same time.  This games is a must addition into your collection of Free Games without WiFi.

In your zombie hunting spree, Plants vs Zombies 2 will take you to  11 crazy worlds, from Ancient Egypt to the Far Future, and beyond. This top offline game has more than 300 levels & each one of them is  ultra-challenging  with ultra action zones that are never-ending . Apart from the main action spree, you can enjoy fun mini-games. SO just download the game as Dr. Zomboss is waiting to beat the sh*t out of you while you reach the end of every world!

Download Plants vs Zombies 2 from Playstore

Shadow fight free games without internet

3. Shadow Fight 2

In the category of Free Games without WiFi, Shadow Fight 2 stands prominent. This game is full of acrobatic action that you might have seen in Kung-Fu movies but many lethal weapons are an addition.  The game sis something in-between RPG & classic fighting. The main character  in this offline game is a “Shadow” who has lost his physical existence after he invited the wrath of some powerful demons while trying  to save his home from those dreadful demons. Now he has turned into a shadow warrior who has some supernatural powers packed with martial arts techniques & powerful artillery & who know how to get back what he lost earlier. Game has numerous stages that can all be played offline.  Add this game to your collection of best free Games without WiFi connection & venture into the world full of demons & shadow warriors.

Download Shadow Fight 2 from Playstore

4. Badland

As the name suggests, the Badland game is quite a badass games. If you’re interested in typical action games & are looking for some Free Games without WiFi that that are unique & non traditional, Badland  is the right fit for it. This side scrolling offline game for android mobiles is set into a forest that looks quite amazing but there is more it. There is something mysteriously wrong at the heart of the forest & your local player sets on a journey to find it what it is.  Among other free games without WiFi, this game stands out  visible & has the thing that will keep your scrolling from one level to next until you reach hundred levels.

Download Badland from Playstore

5.  Word Connect

Word Connect is a first word puzzle game in my collection of Free Games without WiFi.. This offline game is world’s number one word search app. This game has blocks of random letters but there are words hidden in them. You’ve to prove your genius e to find all hidden words in given letters and connect them anyway you like to catch the word. You can swipe the random letters horizontally, vertically, diagonally, forwards or backwards to connect them to find & forma  hidden word.

Download Word Connect from Playstore

More Free Games without WiFi

We are not yet finished with these offline games. Keep reading for some awesome free games without data connection so you can enjoy playing games even when you’re out of data bundles or living in your mom’s basement during zombie apocalypse. 


6: Angry Birds 2

If you like bird flinging games but are out of data, Angry Birds 2 is a right addition for your collection of Free Games without WiFi. Angry Birds, once the most famous PC game, is now available on mobile Angry Birds 2 is its offline version.  This game has many additional features that are not available in many other versions of Angry Birds Games like you can choose your own birds, challenge your friends & can play multiplayer, join a clan or if you’re running out of coins, you can get the blessings of THE MIGHTY EAGLE in forms of huge coins by impressing him with your flinging shots. This best free offline game has its own global leader-board where you can prove who is the best bird flinger of the world. 

Download Angry Birds 2 from Playstore

7.  Pool Star

If you like sports games, Pool Star is your best addition. This is only sports game Free Games without WiFi.  Pool Star is an amazing  pool game with with a bundle full of latest features. For instance, it portrait pool tables & you can easily play with just one hand.  You can also rotate the table to 180° in order to better focus the ball. You can also change the view from 2D to 3D or vice-versa to adjust the cue ball in order to cue pool balls. Add this game to your bundle of offline games & start hitting balls in the pockets.

Download Pool Star from PalyStore

Best offline game rolly vortex

8. Rolly Vortex

Rolly Vortex is the best arcade game among the Free Games without WiFi.  You have to roll the ball quickly & manage your way through the ever changing obstacles. This is a game that truly tests the alertness of your mind & keeps you focus minded. An amazing & dangerously addictive addition into top offline games.


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