General Elections 2018: List of PTI Candidates for Islamabad

As election day comes near, political parties are picking their best men for the biggest electoral fight in five years. PTI has also started announcing its candidates for General Elections 2018. Here is a list of PTI Candidates for Islamabad. PTI is hopeful to win all three NA seats of Islamabad & clean-sweep from the Federal capital.  It’s important to note that in Elections 2013, there were two NA seats in Islamabad that now have been increased to 3 seats after delimitation by Election Commission of Pakistan.

List of PTI Candidates for Islamabad

NA Constituency Islamabad
PTI Candidate
NA 52, Islamabad I
Raja Khurram
NA 53, Islamabad II
Amir Kayani
NA 54, Islamabad III
Asad Umar

Winning chances of PTI Candidates for Islamabad

Here is a short analysis  on winning chances of PTI candidates for Islamabad in General Elections 2018.

NA-52 Islamabad I (previously NA-49)

This constituency is a stronghold of PMLN. PTI lost this seat with a heavy margin in General Elections 2013. PTI candidates for Islamabad will have to create a new strategy to win this seat from the clutches of PMLN. In 2013 elections, Dr. Tariq Fazzal Chaudhary won this seat for PML(N) by securing 94,106 votes. PTI’s Ch. Ilyas Meharban got 57,353 votes & was runner up.

Party Candidate Votes %
  PML-N Dr.Tariq Fazal Chaudhry 94,106 45
  PTI Ch. Ilyas Meharban 57,383 27
  PPPP Mustafa Nawaz Khokhar 44,984 21

This time PTI is going sending Raja Khurram to contest Tariq Fazzal Ch & win this seat for PTI. Though PMLN has bright prospects for this seat in General Elections 2018 but if we keep in mind the current PTI’s wave & PML(s) current political position, PTI could do an up set here.

NA 54  Islamabad III- Previously NA 48

PTI has very bright chances of an easy win in NA 54 where Asad Umar will be leading the fight for PTI. This seat constitutes of most urban areas of Islamabad where urban-centered PTI has strong vote bank. In General Elections 2013, Javed Hashmi won this seat for PTI with a margin of over 24,000 votes.

General Election 2013: Islamabad-I
Party Candidate Votes % ±
  PTI Makhdoom Javed Hashmi 73,692 59  
  PML (N) Anjum Aqeel Khan 52,170 41  

Javed Hashmi retained his seat from Multan & Islamabad I was open for a by-election soon after General Elections 2013. This time PTI fielded a rather new face Asad Umar for this constituency. At the time of by-elections, PMLN had formed the Government in center & Punjab. Ruling party always gets strong favor in by-elections because voters know that opposition candidate will have limited resources for the development projects in the constituency but PTI’s Asad Umar broke this stereotype & won this seat for PTI. Though there was low voters’ turn out, but Asad managed to get a handsome lead of 7,000 votes. 

Contesting Candidates Party Affiliation Votes Polled
Asad Umar Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf 48073
Ashraf Gujjar PML-N 41186


Overall, Panel of PTI candidates for Islamabad looks good & strong & can win these three seats for the party.

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