How to Get CNIC in Pakistan | Full Procedure to Obtain NADRA Smart Card

Getting CNIC in Pakistan

CNIC in Pakistan is official identification card of the citizens & is a requirement and need for every citizen of Pakistan. But obtaining CNIC in Pakistan is a nightmare and tiresome task because waiting in lines and many visits to NADRA office to fulfill the formalities for CNIC. So realizing these difficulties NADRA has introduced the online CNIC system for the citizens.

NADRA (National Database and Registration Authority) is the ID card issuance authority in Pakistan. Now you do not need to go to the office for CNIC, you can apply for it online and get at your doorstep. Online ID system is more convenient and hassle-free and takes only 21 minutes for online apply. In this article, we will describe the whole process of getting CNIC in Pakistan. Hope this article will help you in future in getting your CNIC in Pakistan. Mainly three steps Assessment ,requirements, and online procedure are necessary to understand the whole procedure. Further detail of these steps is given below.

Before starting the procedure at Online CNIC portal,  you will see different options on available NADRA. You will have to anyone of them.

  • Want new ID card

This category is for those who want to make their CNIC first time in life.

  • Want new overseas ID card

This category is for those Pakistanis who live abroad and want Pakistan identity.

  • Renew ID card

This category is for those people, whom ID card has been expired and they want to renew it.

  • Modify ID card

This category is for those who have made any mistake in their application when they applied first time for their ID card.

You need to click on your relevant category and find all the details for this category on the NADRA website. If you want to apply online for obtaining a CNIC in Pakistan, the complete process is detailed below in layman’s terms.

Documents Required for getting CNIC in Pakistan

When you are going to apply for Online Pakistan ID card,  you should  have the following things as these are mandatory in order to obtain a CNIC in Pakistan.

  1. CNIC or SNIC of one your parents (preferably father)

  2. a proof of your data of birth. It can be Child Registration Certificate , B Form or Matric Certificate
  3. Photograph of size 5MB

  4. Presence of parents or blood relative for attestation

Fee Payment for Getting CNIC in Pakistan

To obtain NADRA Smart Card or CNIC in Pakistan, you are not required to pay any fee. However, if you want urgent delivery of ID, you may have to pay 300 & for Executive delivery , you will have to pay Rs. 1000 rupees. If you are applying online, here is how you can pay the fee for NADRA Smart Card through Debit card / Credit Card. Fee can be paid at NADRA e-Sahulat centers as well.

Get CNIC in Pakistan NADRA Smart Card

3. How to Apply ONLINE for CNIC in Pakistan

Here are the steps you should follow in order to apply online for a CNIC in Pakistan:

  1. You will go to Pak-Identity online ID issuance system and click on the green buttons “Get Started”

  2. First, you register your account there. For the registration, you need to fill your Forename, Surname, Email, mobile number, country, and password.

  3. After registration, you will receive a code via SMS and email. In case of any foreign country, you will receive code only by email.

  4. A registration link will be sent to you in your email. After clicking this link you will put the email PIN code and SMS code for the verification of account.

  5. Now you can log in to your account for processing of the application.

  6. Choose your category from above-mentioned categories and fill the application form.

  7. Provide your Application information.

  8. Provide your address for card delivery.

  9. Provide Personal details.

  10. Upload your photograph. Following things should keep in view while uploading your picture

  • A photograph should not be more than 6 months old.

  • Capture against a white/light background.

  • The photo must meet the professional criteria as 45mm high and 35mm wide.

  1. Now you will click on the documents button and upload the documents. You should Select Supporting documents > Upload supporting documents > Review your documents & Submit.

  2. Provide the information of gazette officer.

  3. Now edit the Urdu online form and download this form. Make sure information in the form meet the information as you put online. The name in English will be translated into Urdu automatically. In case of any correction on the form, Urdu keyboard is available. However, correction can be made manually on the form.

  4. Now download the Urdu form and capture the four fingerprints. Soft copy of the fingerprint form should meet the following requirement for the application processing

  • All information should be written in black ink in Block letters.

  • Use black ink pad for fingerprint impressions.

  • Fill the date within the designed boundaries.

  • While taking fingerprints,  do not roll your fingers.

  1. Download the signature form from the website and provide your signature.

  2. Now set the scanner at 600 DPI, Grayscale, and JPG/JPEG format.

  3. Now scan and upload the form.

  4. Review the information, and submit your application.

  5. Pay the application fee by credit card/debit card.

The Delivery Time for CNIC in Pakistan

This process does not take much time and you will receive your CNIC in a very short duration. It depends on the stage of application.

Stage of Application


Processing Time

Seven Working Days

Delivery in Pakistan

2 Working Days

International Delivery

5 Working Days


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