Imran Khan Marries again | Exclusive Photos of Bushra Manika

PTI Chairman Imran Khan has started a new chapter of life after he announced he has married Bushra Manika. Imran Khan Nikah pics with Bushra Manika were shared on official Twitter account of PTI. Given below are exclusive photos of Imran Khan’s Nikah

Imran Khan’s marriages have always been a topic of much interest, especially for media . The news aof Imran Khan’s Nikah with Bushra Manika was forst broke a month ago. At that time, Imran Khan categorically denied the “rumours” of Nikah, though he said that a proposal of marriage was sent by him to Bushra Maneka but she has not accepted the proposal so far.

Imran Khan married Reham Khan in 2015 but this marriage couldn’t last longer than a year & the couple separated within 11 months of the marriage. Imran’s marriage with Reham turned out a bigger personal & political blunder by the Captain as now Reham Khan has announced that she is writing a book about her “failed marriage” with Imran Khan & that she will expose many hidden aspects of her husband’s life. Media pundits believe this book is sponsored by Imran’s acrh rival party Muslim League (N) as they want to discredit him in the eyes of public as the General Elections approach fast in Pakistan

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Photos of Bushra Manika

Photos of Bushra Manika

Photos of Bushra Manika

Who is Bushra Manika ?

According to the sources, Bushra Manika’s earlier contact with Imran Khan was established by a mutual friend when Imran Khan was looking for spiritual comfort after 2013 Elections. She became the spiritual guide of PTI chairman & helped him seek mental peace amid the political tensions surrounding Imran Khan. Imran Khan used to seek help from him when taking any important decision. Once source claimed that when Imran Khan was going to marry Reham Khan, the BBC weather girl, Bushra Manika advised againt it & told him that Reham isn’t a fit match for him as both are wide apart in their temperaments but Imran Khan ignored the advice. His marriage with Reham collapsed within a year. Bushra Manika also belongs to the powerful “Manika Family” of Pakpatan,Punjab. Ex. Punjab Minister Atta Manika is the close relative of Khan’s new wife. 



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