Jazz 3g Internet Packages 2018

In this post, we’ll be reviewing Jazz 3g Internet Packages 2018. Jazz being the leading telecom operator in Pakistan offers some amazing 3g / 4g Internet Bundles. This post is a review of what Mobilink Jazz has to offer o its data-thirsty consumers.

Jazz 3g Internet Packages 2018 : A Review

Mobilink /Jazz is a leading company in the telecommunication companies of Pakistan. Recently it has a million customers which make it a huge and unique network. Jazz is also one of the oldest telecommunication of Pakistan. People always search and like that network which offers according to their daily, weekly and monthly need. Jazz has many things in its bucket and offers weekly, daily and monthly call packages, internet packages and SMS packages to their customers at a reasonable price. This is also a reason this company attracts more and more people.

New Year –Jazz 3g Internet Packages 2018

In the coming year , Mobilink/Jazz also brings many exciting Jazz 3g Internet Packages 2018 for their customers to keep their passion alive. As you know the Internet is a need for anyone at any place, so it Jazz 3g Internet Packages 2018 different ranges. In this article, we discuss Jazz 3g Internet Packages 2018. Here you can find complete details about Jazz 3g Internet Packages 2018 including their pros / cons, data volumes, charges , validity periods etc.

Jazz 3G/4G Daily Internet Packages 2018

There are three types of packages in Jazz 3g Internet Packages 2018. Some are for social media like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and some packages are for browsing. These daily offers you can subscribe any time in the day when you need. The advantage of these daily bundles is your balance did not waste. The detail of each package is given in the table.

Package Name






Status Code

Jazz Daily Social 3G/4G




50 MB (for FB & Whatsapp)

24 Hours


Jazz Daily Browser 3G/4G

12 PKR


50 MB

24 Hours


Jazz Super Daily 3G/4G

29.88 PKR


200 MBs

24 Hours


Jazz 3 day Extreme

18 PKR


500 MBs

3 Days


Jazz 3 Day Internet

25 PKR


100 MBs

3 Days


Jazz3G/4GWeekly Internet Packages

You can enjoy a lot of variety in Jazz 3g Internet Packages 2018. If Jazz daily bundle is not up to your taste, you can choose jazz weekly 3G internet offer and enjoy your whole week. As you do not need to subscribe the bundle again & again.

Package Name


Subscribe Code

UN-Subscribe Code

Data Volume

Validity Period

Status Code

Jazz 3G/4G Weekly Mega



3000 MB

7 Days


Jazz Weekly Package

50 PKR


300 MBs

7 Days


Jazz Weekly Extreme Package

70 PKR


2500 MBs




Jazz Super 3G/4G Weekly Package

110 PKR


100 MBs

7 Days


Jazz Monthly 3G/4G Internet Packages

Jazz monthly 3G/4G offers provide you whole month internet in an affordable range. If you are a heavy data consumer, Jazz 3g Internet Packages 2018 have a solution for your Data Appetite.  Jazz brings whole month offer which subscribes only once. There are different monthly jazz internet offers which are described below.

Package Name




Data Volume

Validity Period

Status Code

Jazz 3G/4G Monthly Lite Package

250 PKR


3 GB

30 Days


Jazz 3G/4G Monthly Supreme Package

800 PKR


800 MBs

30 Days


Jazz 3G/4G Browser Package

160 PKR


1500 MBs

30 Days


Jazz 3G/4G Monthly Premium

500 PKR


7000 MBs

30 Days


Jazz 3G/4G Hybrid Bundle

478 PKR


2 GBs

30 Days


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