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Every years hundreds of thousands of Pakistani pilgrimage go to Saudi for offering Umrah or Hajj & to visit holy cities of Makkah & Madinah. The biggest problem Pakistani face in Saudi Arabia is purchasing a local SIM in Saudi Arabia. Even if you somehow manage to purchase a SIM, the data packages on Saudi sims are extremely costly. This is where Mobilink Jazz comes hand with its Jazz Saudi Bundle Offer that allows you to use internet, WhatsApp etc on your own Jazz Sim in Pakistan.


What is Jazz Saudi Bundle Offer

In spirit of Ramadan 2018, Jazz has come up with Jazz Saudi Bundle Offer. However, this offer will be valid even after this Ramadan. With this offer, you can video call your loved ones back in Pakistan at very affordable rates on your own Jazz SIM. This saves you from the hassle of buying local Saudi SIM & also the extremely costly data packages on Saudi SIMS.

Jazz Saudi Bundle Offer.

What is Included in Jazz Saudi Bundle Offer 

With this offer, you can buy 200 MB data for just 500/- PKR. You can use these 200 MBs in Saudi Arabia. You can do WhatsApp video or audio calling to your loved ones in Pakistan while you’re offering Umrah or Hajj in Pakistan. If you’ve ever been to Saudi Arabia, you can see that this offer is way much cheaper than the ones offered on local Saudi SIMs.

Jazz Saudi Bundle OfferFull Details
Offer Name Jazz Saudi Bundle Offer
Total Data Volume 200 MBs
Total charges 500/- PKR
Activation Code *7626*1# (while in Pakistan)
Validity Duration 14 Days
How to Reactivate Dial *7626*1# again.
Check to check Data Jazz notifies after every call.
Coverage All over Saudi Arabia only.

How to Activate Jazz Saudi Bundle Offer

Users can activate this offer while  in Pakistan. Just daily the activation code *7626*1# & offered will be activated on your Jazz SIM. You can use this data in Saudi Arabia. However, if you’ve not activated this offer while you were in Pakistan, you need to ask your friend or family to call Jazz Help Line 111 & ask Jazz Customer Helpline Agent to activate International Roaming on your sim. They will ask basic information about you i.e your SIM number, your Name & your CNIC number. Once Jazz International Roaming Service is activated on your SIM, you can just activate the Jazz Saudi Bundle Offer in Saudi Arabia by dialing the short subscription code.

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Duration of Jazz Saudi Bundle Offer

Jazz Saudi Bundle Offer will be valid only for 14 days.  If you end up the data before two weeks, you can reactivate the offer in Saudi Arabia. This time you don’t need your friends in Pakistan to call Jazz for International Roaming on your SIM. It has already been enabled on your SIM.

How to Reactivate Jazz Saudi Bundle Offer

The offer is non-recursive. That means it will not renew automatically. SO once you receive a notification from Jazz that you’ve consumed your total allotted data volume, you can reactivate the offer by dialing the activation code

How much is 200 MBs?

A good question. If you don’t use this data for any other use i.e Facebook usage etc, you can make 666 minutes of WhatsApp Audio call. This is more than 10 hours of audio calls. If you want to video call, you can enjoy 66 ( I hour & Six minutes) of WhatsApp video calls with these 200 MBs.

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[…] Thousand of people visit Saudi Arabia every year for performing Hajj or Umrah. The major problem these visitors face is getting a local sim in Saudi Arabia. Even if they get one, the call & data charges are tremendously high. This is very Jazz comes handy with its Jazz Saudi Bundle Offer where you can video call your loved ones back in Pakistan by using your own JAZZ sim in Saudi Arabia. You read it right. Read more about this offer: Jazz Saudi Bundle Offer […]