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You are here because you’re looking for Jazz WhatsApp Package Monthly details. Don’t worry. Here is everything you need to know about Jazz WhatsApp Package Monthly, including subscription code, data volume, price, duration & un-subscription code of Jazz WhatsApp Monthly Packages.

Jazz Internet Packages – Best in Market

Jazz is one of leading telecom operator in Pakistan. It has million of subscribers & the number is growing.  Jazz offers a variety of jazz packages including jazz internet, jazz sms, jazz calls & jazz WhatsApp packages. Jazz offers packages & bundles that are best in the market. That’s why, Jazz is able to retain its status of leadership in the telecom industry of Pakistan.

Jazz WhatsApp Package Monthly

As use of social & communication media is growing in Pakistan with everyday passing day, telecom companies have to come up with their best offers to capture the maximum subscribers. Mobilink Jazz leads the race with its number one Jazz WhatsApp Package Monthly. Jazz offers a WhatsApp packages that you can’t resist.

Details of Jazz WhatsApp Package Monthly

Jazz offers WhatsApp monthly unlimited package where you can use WhatsApp for the whole monthly free. It doesn’t end here. You get 10,000 free SMS for the whole month along with unlimited WhatsApp as well. With increasing use of WhatsApp, people are abandoning traditional short messages (SMS),  but if you still subscriber SMS packages, this WhatsApp package solves your SMS package problem as well. With this package, you get two-in-one & that’s best you can get by any telecom operator in Pakistan.

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How to Subscribe Jazz WhatsApp Package Monthly

Jazz WhatsApp Package Monthly Offer
Packages Description *Free WhatsApp for 30 days
Offer WhatsApp *Free For 30 Days
Other 10,000 SMS free for 30 days
Data Unlimited *WhatsApp Only
Price 48/- PKR
Duration 30 Days
How to Subscribe *101*2*02#
How to check data *101*3*02#
  • Fair usage policy

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