Lindsay Lohan, Oliver Stone, Diego & Martina Hingis to attend Pakistan Day event

Islamabad: Good news for showbiz & sports fans in Pakistan is that their favorite showbiz & sports stars that includes footballer Armando Maradona Diego, Hollywood actresses Lindsay Lohan and Hilary Swank, director Oliver Stone and former Swiss tennis star Martina Hingis will attend Pakistan Day event on 23 March in Islamabad. Shakira is sick but she will attend the event if she recovers.

Pakistan will be celebrating its 78th Pakistan Day on 23rd March, 2018. This day is celebrated to commemorate the Lahore Resolution passed on 23 March, 1940. Lahore Resolution demanded a separate homeland for the Muslims of British India. This resolution became the starting point for the India Muslims’  struggle for next 7 years. It finally paid off when British Empire divided British Indian into two states : India & Pakistan.

In a press release issued by ISPR, the spokesperson shared a video that stated about the preparations being made by the nation to celebrate the 78th Pakistan Day with pomp & show.

According to sources, heartthrob singer Shakira has earlier promised to attend the event. However, she has fallen ill & will probably not be attending but if she is recovered, she will be honoring the Pakistan Day in Islamabad. 

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