Who is Lubna Cheema & what’s her connection with Umer Cheema ?

Twitter & Facebook is abuzz with a viral hashtag about alleged ‘pregnancy’ of someone called ‘Lubna Cheema’ . As of this writing twitter hashtag #LubnaCheemaPregnancy   is trending on top in Pakistan & more than 28,000 tweets have been made about about this viral trend. The said hashtag about Lubna Cheema pregnancy has been trending at least for last 24 hours & has created a lot of buzz among twitter users.


Apparently the hashtag surfaced after Jang & The News journalist Umer Cheema published a defamatory  story in Jang & The News about PTI Chairman Imran Khan & his wife Bushra Maneka.  As published in all newspaper of Jang Media Group, Umer Cheema accused Imran Khan of marrying Bushra Maneka before the completion of iddat. (Iddat is the period a woman must observe after the death of her husband or after a getting divorced, during which she may not marry another man. It is to ensure that the male parent of any offspring produced after the cessation of a nikah (marriage) would be known. |source| ). The story published by Umer Cheema was more of a hearsay & lacked any solid evidences.


PTI leadership responded aggressively to the news published by Umer Cheema & called it the part of maligning campaign against Imran Khan ran by Jang & Geo Group on the behest of PTI’s rival party PML(N).


Not just the political leadership but Cheema’s own  journalistic fraternity condemned the defamatory  article by Umer Cheema that badly lacked basic journalistic ethics. Many journalists called out Jang Group for being pawn of Maryam Nawaz & her Media Cell to tarnish the image of Imran Khan just before the General Elections 2018.


Apparently this is where #LubnaCheemaPregnancy started. SO who is Lubna Cheema ? Actually no one. This is rather a ‘revenge trend’ & apparently PTI social media team is behind this trend that targets Umer Cheema.

A PTI social media team member refused to acknowledge that PTI SMT is behind this viral twitter trend. He told ILMI.com.pk that PTI condemns such a defamatory trend against any individual. However he acknowledged that some PTI loyalists , who are fed up of continuous defamatory campaign against Imran Khan by Jang Group, may be running this trend  in individual capacity. Interestingly , most of the tweets in this fake Twitter trend are about condemning the trend. As the twitter users condemning the trend use the same hashtag, it gives boost to the hashtag & has kept it atop on twitter trends in Pakistan.

Umer Cheema has no daughter with the name Lubna but even if he has, she shouldn’t be dragged into this dirty game. But unfortunately this is happening. A certain media group has resorted to gutter journalism for some financial gains from the ruling party. It will not only hurt credibility of this media group but will discredit the the journalism as well.


Zarrar Khuhro has very aptly said:

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