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Mobilink Jazz Internet Packages 2018 | 3G, 4G Daily, Weekly, Unlimited

Mobilink Jazz Internet Packages 2018

Mobilink jazz is the front runner in the race among telecom giants in Pakistan. Jazz has  huge strong base of millions-strong subscribers. Jazz has everything in its bucket that keeps its subscribers loyal to the network – including some awesome Mobilink Jazz Internet Packages 2018.  Jazz offers a wide variety of Internet Packages in both 3g & 4G. Given below is detailed account of 3g / 4G Mobilink Jazz Internet Packages 2018

Mobilink Jazz Internet Packages 2018

Daily Mobilink Jazz Internet Packages

There are three types of Jazz Daily Internet Packages, details are mentioned below.

1. Jazz Daily Social 3G/4G Package

Jazz Daily Social is among the basic Mobilink Jazz Internet Packages that cater the needs of those users who spend most of their time on social media I.e WhatsApp or Facebook. For Rs. 20 you can enjoy 50MBs for whatsapp & Facebook for 24 hours.

Charges20 PKR
Data Volume50 MB for WhatsApp and FB
Validity Period24 Hours
Subscription Code*114*5#
Code to Check Remaining MBs*114*5*2#

2. Jazz Daily Browser 3G/4G Package

Next in Mobilink Jazz Internet Packages is jazz Daily Browser. It allows you 50 Mbs for Rs 12. You can use these MBs on WhatsApp.

Charges12 PKR
Data Volume50 MBs
Validity Period24 Hours
Subscription Code*117*11#
Code to Check Remaining MBs*117*11*2#

3. Jazz Super Daily 3G/4G Package:

Jazz Super Daily is the leading Mobilink Jazz Internet Packages (of daily categories). For Rs. 29.88, you can use 200 Mbs fr 24 hours.

Charges29.88 PKR
Data Volume200 MBs
Validity Period24 Hours
Subscription Code*117*4#
Code to Check Remaining MBs*117*4*2#

3 Day Mobilink Jazz Internet Packages:

When it comes to Mobilink Jazz Internet Packages, you will always find packages that best suit your needs. If Jazz Daily Internet Packages can’t fulfill your data needs, you can always opt for Jazz 3 Day Internet Packages.

1. Jazz 3 Day Internet:

Jazz 3 Day Internet is another Mobilink Jazz Internet Package that tries to meet your data appetite with 100 Mbs for as low as Rs. 25 for full 3 days.

Charges25 PKR
Data Volume100 MBs
Validity Period3 Days
Subscription Code*117*1#
Code to Check Remaining MBs*117*1*2#

2. Jazz 3 Day Extreme

Want more from Mobilink Jazz Internet Packages ? Go for Jazz 3 Day Extreme. You can get whooping 500 MBs in just Rs. 18. What else can one wish for ?

Charges18 PKR
Data Volume500 MBs
Validity Period3 Days
Subscription Code*114*14#
Code to Check Remaining MBs*114*14*2#

Jazz Weekly Internet Packages:

If Jazz Daily Internet Packages don’t come up to your appetite, you can always choose the Jazz weekly internet packages. Jazz provides two types of Weekly Internet packages. So here wo go:

1. Jazz 3G/4G Weekly Package

Want to maximum day usage in minimum rupees ? Here is Jazz weekly package for you. For just Rs. 50, you can get 300 MBs for a whole week.

Charges50 PKR
Data Volume300 MBs
Validity Period7 Days
Subscription Code*117*3#
Code to Check Remaining MBs*117*3*2#

2. Jazz 3G/4G Weekly Mega

Want even more ? Here is best of Mobilink Jazz Internet Packages. For Rs. 160, you get a whooping 3000 MBS for a whole week.

ChargesRs. 160
Data Volume3000 MB
Validity Period7 Days
Subscription Code*159#
Code to Check Remaining MBs*159*2#

3. Jazz Super 3G/4G Weekly Package

If you data consumption is less, you can always cut your budget by 50 rupees. Here is Jazz Super Weekly package. FOr Rs. 110, you get 1500 MBs for a week.

Charges110 PKR
Data Volume1500 MBs
Validity Period7 Days
Subscription Code*117*47#
Code to Check Remaining MBs*11747*2#

4. Jazz Weekly Extreme Package

Are you a night owl ? so why not avail the Jazz Weekly Extreme Offer ? You get whooping 2500 MBs for just Rs. 70.

Charges70 PKR
Data Volume2500 MBs
Validity Period7 days (Used between 2 AM and 2 PM)
Subscription Code*117*14#
Code to Check Remaining MBs*117*14*2#

Jazz Monthly Internet Packages

If Jazz Weekly Bundles don’t fulfill your increasing data appetite  or you want a longer data duration, you have another option – Monthly Mobilink Jazz Internet Packages 2018. Jazz offers 3 monthly internet packages with some serious data volume offered.

1. Jazz 3G/4G Browser Package

Here is jazz monthly native internet bundle with 1500 MBs for just Rs. 160 but the best thing is you can use it for a whole month.

Charges160 PKR
Data Volume1500 MB
Validity Period30 Days
Subscription Code*117*77#
Code to Check Remaining MBs*117*77*2#

2. Jazz 3G/4G Monthly Lite Package

Are you a power user ? Mobilink Jazz Internet Packages can always accommodate your data needs.  Here is Jazz Monthly Lite package with 3 GB data volume offered for just Rs. 250.

Charges250 PKR
Data Volume3 GB
Validity Period30 Days
Subscription Code*117*31#
Code to Check Remaining MBs*117*31*2#

4. Jazz 3G/4G Monthly Premium

This package is gold for pro power users. What on earth would you wish for if you can get 7000 GB for just Rs. 500 ?

Charges500 PKR
Data Volume7000 MB
Validity Period30 Days
Subscription Code*117*30#
Code to Check Remaining MBs*117*30*2#

4. Jazz 3G/4G Monthly Supreme Package

Are you an internet freak & your data appetite is ridiculous ? Jazz always get your back. Here is Jazz Monthly Supreme Package with 8000 MBs offered for just Rs. 800 .

Charges800 PKR
Data Volume8000 MBs
Validity Period30 Days
Subscription Code*117*32#
Code to Check Remaining MBs*117*32*2#

Jazz 3G/4G Hybrid Bundle

If don’t want to spend money on subscrribing a different package for internet, SMS & calls, Mobilink Jazz Internet Packages have a solution read for you – the Hybrid Bundle. This bundle offers all in one for just Rs 478.

Charges478 PKR
Data Volume2 GBs
Minutes1000 SMSs (Any Network)
SMS1000 SMSs (Any Network)
Validity Period30 Days
Subscription Code*117*40#
Code to Check Remaining MBs*117*40*2#


Mobilink Jazz Internet Packages 2018 are by any means the internet deals offered by any telecom operator in Pakistan. So what are the your favorite Mobilink Jazz Internet Packages ? Tell in comments.

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