NTS GAT Subject 2018-1 Test Result | Graduate Assessment Test

NTS has announced GAT Subject 2018-I. Now you can check your NTS test result for GAT 2018-I. Test was conducted on 18th February 2018.

How to Check GAT Subject 2018-I?

You can check your GAT 2018-I just by clicking on the link given at the end. You will be asked to check your NTS result by entering your Roll No. for the said test or by entering your National Identity Card Number.

  • Can I check someone’s else NTS Result

The answer to this question is yes, but this is a ‘conditional yes’. Conditional in a way that you can check NTS result of someone else ONLY if you have NTS Roll Number of the person you want to know result of. Another way to check GAT 2018-I is to check it by entering National Identity Card Number of the candidate. If you don’t have any of these two, unfortunately you won’t be able to spy on someone’s else mark sheet 🙂 .

  • Can I reappear in NTS Test.

No. NTS conducts one-off tests for admissions & jobs. You are either pass or fail. You can’t ‘reappear’ into NTS test.

  • I’ve passed GAT Subject 2018-I. What does this mean ?

That’s just one step closer to your success. Now NTS will send this test result to the parent organization / department / institute. If this was job test, you may soon a call letter for interview.

  • How can I get Result Card for GAT Subject 2018-I

NTS will send NTS Result card on your given postal address. If you have changed your address, contact NTS immediately. If you don’t receive NTS result card & your interview date is approching fast, don’t sit idle & contact NTS & ask them to issue you a duplicate NTS Result Card. Please note: if your NTS Result card is misplaced or not received, you will not be allowed to sit in interview for that post / admission.

GAT Subject 2018-I  Click Here

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