PPSC Upcoming Jobs June-July 2018

Here is a list of latest PPSC Upcoming Jobs 2018. These jobs have not been published yet by PPSC. They are in pipeline & are in process to be announced by PPSC. Most likely these PPSC upcoming jobs will be announced in the first week of July 2018.

List of PPSC Upcoming Jobs 2018

Here is a full list of PPSC upcoming jobs. You can see the post name along with the parent department as well.  You can’t apply for them as they are not announced yet. Once they are advertised by PPSC, you can apply for these upcoming jobs by PPSC.

Question No. 1:What is the procedure after my recommendation?ANSWER :PPSC recommends suitable candidates after the prescribed procedure and sends it to the Department concerned. Appointment, training and posting of candidates are the responsibilities of that Department.

Validity of Merit List

Question No. 2: How long is a Merit List of successful candidates maintained in a Recruitment cases?
ANSWER : The Merit List remains valid, in all cases, for one year from the date of issuance of recommendations or till the date of receipt of next requisition in the Commission for the same post, whichever is earlier.

Probation Period

Question No. 3: What is the period of probation for a given post?
ANSWER : The period of probation differs based upon the Classification of a given post. The probation can be for a maximum period of two years. However, it may be extended by the Competent Authority.

Provision of substitute candidate

Question No. 4: How is a substitute candidate provided by the PPSC, if a recommended candidate does not join the post?
ANSWER : If a recommended candidate fails to join the post or tenders his/her resignation after joining or is terminated by the Department on any ground or declared medically unfit or the Appointing Authority refuses to issue offer of appointment under Rules 21-A(2) of Punjab Civil Servants (Appointment and Conditions of Service) Rules, 1974 during the validity of the merit list, a substitute is provided from the same merit list, if so requested by the Department concerned. Substitute candidate is not provided on the request of any candidate by PPSC. PPSC itself has no authority to send substitute.

Non-Muslim opting Islamic Studies

Question No. 5: Can Non-Muslim candidates opt for Islamic Studies?
ANSWER : Yes, Non-Muslim candidates may either opt for Islamic Studies or Ethics according to their choice.

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