General Elections 2018: PTI Candidates List for Lahore

As General Elections 2018 approach fast, political parties are finalizing their best candidates for national & provincial assemblies.  PTI is also in process of shortlisting the candidates to be fielded in the national & provincial constituencies across Pakistan. Here is  list of PTI candidates for Lahore.  We’ll be discussing the detailed profile & each candidate ,their vote bank, their performance previous elections & their winning chances in General Elections 2018.

List of PTI candidates for Lahore for National Assembly

Lahore Constituency PTI Candidate
NA 123 Lahore Mehr Wajid Azeem
NA 124 Lahore Walid Iqbal
NA 125 Lahore Yasmeen Rashid
NA 126 Lahore Hammad Azhar
NA 127 Lahore Jamshed Iqbal
NA 128 Lahore Ijaz Dayal
NA 129 Lahore Aleem Khan
NA 130 Lahore Shafqat Mahmood
NA 131 Lahore Imran Khan
NA 132 Lahore Mansha Sindhu
NA 133 Lahore Ijaz Chaudhary
NA 134 Lahore Zaheer Abbas Khokhar
NA 135 Lahore Kamarat Khokhar
NA 136 Lahore Malik Asad

Though this is early list of PTI candidates for Lahore. PTI candidates for Lahore are yet to be announced officially by the party but sources said that 90 per cent of names were almost final while changes may be made in certain constituencies at a later stage.

PTI candidates for Lahore for Punjab Assembly

PTI has also finalized its candidates to be fielded for provincial assembly seats from  Lahore, for General Elections 2018. As PTI is eyeing at forming Govt in Punjab, provincial assembly seats are very crucial to win & PTI has to come up with its best performers to make the mark. Here is a list of PTI candidates for Lahore who will be fielded for PA seats.

Lahore Constituency PTI Candidate
PA  144 Yasir Gilani
PA 145 Khalid Nahmood
PA 146 Malik Waqar
PA 147 Gulrez Iqbal
PA 148 Ch Nawaz Nat
PA 149 Ajasim Sharif
PA 150 Zubair Niazi
PA 151 Aslam Iqbal
PA 152 Irshad Dogar
PA 153 Dr Nausheen Hamid
PA 154 Hafiz Mansab Awan
PA 155 Javed Anwer
PA 156 Mian Iftikhar
PA 157 Shoaib Sidiqi
PA 158 Aleem Khan
PA 159 Dr Murad Rass
PA 160 Mian Mahmood Ul Rasheed
PA 161 Nadeem Bara
PA 162 Shah Mahmood Qureshi
PA 163  ————-
PA 164 Yusaf Ludhar
PA 165 Yusaf Meo
PA 166 Shabbir Sayal
PA 167 Fayaz Bhatti
PA 168 Nazeer Chuhan
PA 169 Naqash Sandhu
PA 170 Ch Amin
PA 171 Malik Asad Khokar
PA 172 Rana Javed Umar
PA 173 Sarfaraz Khokar

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