Reham Khan’s book leaked, stirs controversy

Imran Khan’s ex. wife Reham Khan’s book has not yet reached the bookstore but it has already stirred a storm of criticism from political pundits & commentators.  Although Reham is yet to announce the date for her book but the content of the book has already been leaked & has attracted the attention of media especially in Pakistan.

Hamza Ali Abbasi & Reham Khan’s Book

It was Hamza Ali Abbasi, famous filmstar & PTI cultural wing;s President , who made the startling revelation about Reham Khan’s book & the motive behind the book. In a tweet storm on Sunday, Abbasi posted the screenshots of an alleged email conversation between Reham Khan & Pakistan’s former interior Minister & PML(N) leader Ahsan Iqbal. As per the posted screenshots, Reham Khan & Ahsan Iqbal discussed the impact of upcoming book by Reham Khan on Imran Khan’s political career. 

Reham Khan’s book sponsored by PML(N) ?

As per email conversation leaked by Hamza Ali Abbasi, Reham Khan & Ahsan Iqbal are discussing on fixing a venue & date for meet up between Reham Khan & Maryam Nawaz Sharif – daughter of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. Allegedly, Reham Khan’s book Was the motive behind this meet up. In his tweets, Hamza Ali Abbasi accused Reham Khan of receiving 100K dollars from PMLN president & former Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif for writing an explosive book that would damage the prospects of Imran Khan’s success in next general election in Pakistan that are supposed to be held on 25th July.

Read: Reham Khan’s leaked Email Conversation

Reham Khan’s book leaked.

On Monday Hamza Ali Abbasi tweeted a screenshot of the “list of content” of Reham Khan’s book. Abbasi alleged that he has got the manuscript of Reham Khan’s book. Abbasi claimed that he got the manuscript of the book by close aide of Reham Khan who felt disgusted over the fake allegations Reham has written in her controversial book. Abbasi said that he will be reading excerpt from the book & will expose Reham Khan’s dirty campaign against his ex. husband Imran Khan. 

“Imran Khan has an Islamist Agenda” – Reham Khan tells Indian Media

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What’s in Reham Khan’s book ?

As per the excerpts  available online, Reham Khan has made defamatory allegations against his ex. husbands Imran Khan & Dr. Ijaz Rehman, former cricketer Wasim Akram & his deceased wife  Huma Wasim, Imran Khan friend Zulfi Bukhari & PTI International Media Co-coordinator  Anila Khwaja.  Hamza Ali Abbasi read the excerpts from Reham Khan’s book on a live Television Channel – apparently an attempt to burst the bubble before General Elections.

Reham Khan's book leaked online

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Legal Action against Reham Khan’s book

A law suit has been filed against Reham Khan by a British businessman Zulfi Bukhari on behalf of Wasim AKram, Imran Khan & Anila Khawaja . Former MNAs Murad Saeed and Asad Umer, Former K-P chief minister Pervez Khattak, Senator Mohsin Aziz, PTI social media team member Umer Farooq, socialite Yousaf Salahuddin, and Zakir Khan are supposed to slap Reham Khan with legal notices in Pakistan due to jurisdictional aspects. More law suits are supposed to be followed by the people who have been targeted by Reham Khan in her book.

Reham Khan about Wasim Akram;s wife Huma Akram

Reham Khan’s book in PDF

According to some journalists & PTI media activists, PML(N) was planning to caught PTI off-guards on this issue & mass circulate Reham Khan’s book in PDF over social media. However, PTI surprised PMLN by coming up &  exposing the book to the public much before the election. This way, PTI has successfully burst the bubble  this book might have created in general public.

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