Top Ten Tourists Spots in Pakistan that you Must Visit in 2018

Nature has blessed Pakistan with many breathtaking places. Pakistan northern areas attract every thousands of tourists every year. Even these places force the tourists to come every year in Pakistan instead of going any other place in the world. These Places are full of beautiful lakes, rivers, sky-high mountains and forests. If you feel the nature more closely you should visit these places in life. We have made a list of top 10 most beautiful places in Pakistan which remains the attraction for the tourists every time.

1. Naltar Valley

Naltar Valley is situated in Gilgit Baltistan province of Pakistan near Gilgit, Hunza, and Normal. The name of the valley is on the name of village Naltar which is famous for its wildlife and splendid mountain scenery. The valley has three colorful lakes known as Bashkiri Lakes. If you really want to see the paradise in this world you should visit Naltar Valley.

Tourists Spots in Pakistan Tourists Spots in Pakistan

2. Neelam Valley

Neelam Valley is a popular place for Pakistani  as well as foreign tourists. It is one of the most beautiful valleys of Azad Kashmir located in the north of Azad Kashmir’s capital Muzaffarabad. Neelam Valley is also known as Blue Gem Valley because of freshwater streams, rivers, and lush green mountains. The milky white water flowing and falling down the mountains is enough to bewitch the tourists. Some famous sites of Neelam Valley are Neelam river, Ratti Galli, Noori Top, Sharda Fort, Shounter Lake, Arrange Kel and Taobut.

Best Touring Spots in Pakistan Best Touring Spots in Pakistan

3. Shangrila resort

Shangrila resort is the paradise in the central valley of Gilgit-Baltistan, Skardu. Skardu is famous for wilderness, serenity, and beauty. Shangrila resort is known as Heaven on Earth. The heart-shaped Kachura Lake encircles it and fruit-laden orchards and flowers enhanced the beauty of the resort. It has 60 spacious rooms have balconies overlooking the Kachura lake.

Shangrila resort HD pics

4. Gojal Valley

Gojal is known as Upper Hunza located in the north of Pakistan and borders Pakistan and China near Khunjerab pass. Gojal Valley is 15,397 feet above sea level and covered with snow all year. Karakoram Highway also passes through this valley. Gojal is a series of small and large beautiful valleys which attract the people.

Gojal Valley HD pics

5. Deosai Plains

Deosai Plains is also known as The Land of Giants. Deosai Plains present Breathtaking scene on the boundary of Karakoram and Western Himalayas. These plains are 4000 meters above sea level and covered with snow most time of the year. The amazing thing about Deosai Plains is that it has a wide range of beautiful flowers but not a single tree in the plateau. The world highest Sheosar lake is also part of these plains. The blue water of the lake, snow-covered mountains, and deafening silence left amused the tourist for rest of their life.

Deosai Plains HD pics

6. Rama Meadow

Only few tourists are aware of this beautiful place which is 11 km from Astore. The name of these meadows is on the name of Rama village. You will find it a mere serene plain but nature filled this plain with milk whitewater flowing through the streams, pine trees, Chongra’s ice-covered peak. You can also view the Nanga Parbat from these meadows.

Rama Meadow HD pics

7. Swat Valley

Swat Valley is known as mini Switzerland of Pakistan and situated in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa of Pakistan. This Hindu Kash mountain range beauty attracts tourists from Pakistan and all over the world. When you are in this valley do not forget to visit the Ushu Valley & Ushu Forest, Dir, Kalam Valley, Mahodand Valley & Lake, Malam Jabba, Madyan, and Boner.

8. Siri -Paye

When you see the green plateau of the Siri Paye, You feel yourself in the paradise. It is present on the top of Hindu Kush and clouds blow here and there. You can feel you are walking among clouds. Several small ponds, lakes, and horses grazing the grass present the scene like a painting.

9. Kaghan Valley

Kaghan Valley is the first place for the tourists in the northern areas. It is located in the northeast of Mansehra district in Himalaya mountains region. Kaghan is considered one of the major charming place for the tourists.The beautiful and amazing places of this valley are Jared, Naran, Lake Saif-ul -Malook, Shogran, Lulu Sar lake, Lake Dudipatsar and Babusar pass.

10. Ayun and Bamburet Valley

Chitral is famous for their cultural and beauty. Ayun is a village of Chitral situated almost 12 km on River Bamburet. The tourists who visit the Chitral should stay there because the beauty of the village cannot be described in words. Beyond the Ayun is Bamburet valley which is at two hours distance from Chitral. The lush greenery of these valleys gives you a sense of solitude.

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