How to Use Twitter Tweets Bookmark Feature on Desktop ?

Saving a tweet for later reference  was always a headache. Now it’s not. Twitter has introduced a bookmark feature to save you from the hassle (and embarrassment). With twitter bookmarks, now you can bookmark a tweet & save it privately for a future reference.

A desire for a feature that allows saving tweets or links for later reading was always there among Twitter users. Many people often used “Favorite” button but it was an uncomfortable choice since the “favorite” button indicates likeness & positive sentiments for the tweet being favoured. May be you ‘favorite’ a tweet for a later reading who will tell that to the angry Twitterati who think you agree with the content of the article ? 

Absence of a bookmark feature stirred many controversies especially for celebrities. That is exactly what happened with Melania Trump who ‘favorites’ an article that indicated that all is not well between Donald Trump & Melania Trump. Harry Styles or Ted Cruz  landed themselves in trouble after they liked “porn videos” on Twitter (May be they just wanted to save the videos for late night fun?)

Twitter bookmark button allows you to save any tweet, video or article for later reading or for future reference. Good thing is bookmarks are private & no one can see your bookmarks.

How to Bookmark Tweets on Desktop ?

Unfortunately Twitter has not rolled out this feature for desktop application. However, there is always a way around.

  1. Login to your twitter account on desktop.
  2. Go to
  3. You can use Twitter bookmarks on desktop.



So now you can bookmarks ANY tweet & save them for late night use. 🙂 Infact, I use  mobile version of Twitter website on desktop because it’s pretty neat & less cluttered , unlike the desktop web version.

How to view your Twitter bookmarks on desktop ?

Bookmarks are meant for later reading. SO how do you find your bookmarks on Twitter Desktop ? Well it’s pretty easy. Just go to & you will find all the content that you’ve bookmarked on your Twitter.


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