YouTube Deletes HUM Tv YouTube Channel with 2 Million Subscribers

YouTube has deleted YouTube channel of Pakistani Drama channel HUM Tv. Hum TV account has been one of the most popular YouTube channel especially because of Hum TV dramas dramas that are hit not just in Pakistan but around the globe.

It’s yet not known why YouTube decided to delete the YouTube account of an authentic YouTube Channle. However, as it appears, HUm Tv YouTube Account was suspended for copyright infringement. It seems account was being run by some intern who wasn’t well aware of strict policies of YouTube in terms of copyright infringement.

Usually, TV channel use famous/popular songs in their dramas but when these dramas are uploaded on YouTube, the songs are muted to avoid the copyright infringement. Many Pakistani channel including Urdu1, Har Pal Geo, ARY Digital etc follow the same practice. However, HUM TV Channel YouTube account was uploading dramas with sound tracks as well.  If you’ve copyrights of the sound tracks, there is no harm in uploading them but it seems the case was otherwise with HUM & it has finally paid the price.


It’s not tey known if the channel will be restored by YouTube or not.  YouTube doesn’t delete the brand channels without warning. Channel receive three warnings before finally getting deleted by YouTube for continuous violation of YouTube policies.

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